Shelley’s Crittercare Pet Sitting

is a full service Pet Sitting, Horse and Farm care, and Dog Walking provider.

We are a bonded and insured professional service with experience in the local area since 2000.
Our courteous staff furnishes your furry, feathered, and scaly friends with professional pet care in the comfort of their own home, yard or pasture while you are travelling, at work, or if you just need some general assistance with your pets.
It is our personal goal to provide your pets with professional and loving care in their own home while you are away. After all, there’s no place like home for your furry and feathered companions.
This service also helps to deter criminal activity away from your home by giving it a “lived-in” look. Where a kennel can sometimes be more practical, this service allows your pets to be in their home environment and comfortable, away from sickness, cages, and other strange animals. Most importantly, they will be there to greet you when you return home!
Serving you and them is our pleasure.
Thank you for the opportunity.

Judy Usry, Owner

There are many benefits to pet sitting...

1Assurances as why pet sitting service is good for you and your pets:
  • Reduced stress for your pets as they remain at home in a safe, secure environment, surrounded by familiar sights, smells and sounds.
  • Your pets will be able to follow their regular diet and exercise routine with personal one on one attention while the owner is away.
  • No travel necessary. No need to schedule the trips to and from a boarding facility or relative’s home before and after your trip.
  • Reduced exposure to outside illnesses. Close observation by a pet sitter catches illness or injury early as well.
  • Your home is more secure with crime-deterrent measures of gathering mail, changing lights and daily activity at the home.
  • No impositions to friends, neighbors or relatives.
  • Kennels can become booked up quickly, especially around the holidays. Pet sitters are less likely to be booked solid at any given time.
2So why use Shelley’s Crittercare? What sets us apart? In addition to the benefits listed above:
  • The company is insured and bonded.
  • Business/Service hours are available 6AM-10PM.
  • No charge per pet unless there are more than than 6 total pets or more than 4 large farm animals.
  • Discounted rates for regular dog walking services.
  • No holiday surcharges.
  • 20 years experience & superb references.
  • Policies and service agreement are provided.
  • Referral bonuses and prepay payment discounts.
  • Your pets become a part of our extended family.
  • Multiple sitters with varying skill sets, trained to assist with all pets, allows for added availability to accommodate our clients.
  • Text or email updates of your pets activities can be sent while you are away.
  • Shelley’s Crittercare is an ongoing supporter for the GA SPCA.
  • We are members of Pet Sitters International, Georgia Network of Professional Petsitters, National Association of Professional Pet Sitters and Professional United Pet Sitters.
  • Special services such as watering plants, bringing in mail & packages, trash pick-up available at no charge.
  • Special services of food supply/medication pick-up & transport to/from vet or groomer for a minimum charge.

What Our Customers Say...

  • Margaret McDonald
    Shelley’s Crittercare was my lifeline when faced with the decision of what to do with my senior cats when I had to be away from home. My cats were able to remain at home safe in their familiar environment. In addition to caring for the cats, the mail was brought in, the trash dumpster was pushed to the curb, and the house was checked on daily. All of that was very reassuring to me when I couldn’t be at home. I will highly recommend them to friends and family.
    Margaret McDonald
  • Maria G
    Shelley’s Crittercare Pet Sitting took such great care of our pets while we were away. Judy (the owner) is absolutely the sweetest; once I met her I knew my kitties would be in good hands. They take care of everything from bringing in the mail, to taking out the garbage, and to watering your plants in addition to all the love and comfort they provide to your animals while away. You have a customer for life, Judy. :)
    Maria G
  • ‎Sharon Guebert‎
    Huge shout out to Shelley's Crittercare Pet Sitting for coming to my rescue and taking care of my crew of 4 during an emergency situation. They gave me peace of mind and responded very quickly so I could concentrate on my other issue. THANKS Shelley, Judy, Julie and Nick!
    ‎Sharon Guebert‎
  • Michelle Frank
    Just want to say Thank you again for the great love and care my dogs receive from you all!
    Michelle Frank

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